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Fishing Derby

Come check out the amazing fishing derby sponsored each June by Black Bird Shopping Center of Medford, OR.

The Black Bird $5,000 Fishing Derby began in 1998 at Lost Creek Reservoir and has moved twice since, finally finding its home at the beautiful Diamond Lake Resort.

Rain, snow, and sleet haven’t prevented anglers from participating in southern Oregon’s largest fishing derby. With more than 1,100 entries—not including kids, who fish for free—it’s a sight to see. Usually tranquil Diamond Lake teems with activity, both on and off the water.

The Black Bird has made sure to keep this a family event, with prizes for children, teens, and adults. We offer 30 cash prizes for the adults, totaling $5,000, with the top cash prize being $1,000.

Every year, something new and interesting is going on, including special activities to keep the derby exciting for the kids. We offer something for everyone!

In 2010, we started donating to a charitable organization, the first being the American Cancer Society, specifically for breast cancer. The pink shirts drew a few grumbles from the men, but it was for a good cause, and so it has become a tradition. Every year, we choose a different organization and keep all of our donations here in the Valley.

The derby takes place the first Saturday after Father’s Day in June. Don’t forget to put it on your calendar!

Whether you’re interested in the competition or just looking to have a great day with your family, you will have a good time and create some great memories!
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Derby Regulations

2019 $5000 DERBY Rules and Regulations:
Diamond Lake

  1. The Black Bird $5,000 Fishing Derby is a one day fishing tournament held June 22, 2019 at Diamond Lake Resort, located in the Umpqua National Forest.
  1. Participants must have valid Oregon State Fishing Licenses. The contest is open to anyone who holds a valid Oregon State Fishing License, has paid $16 entry fee, and registered either at Black Bird Shopping Center, Medford, Oregon, Waldrons’s Outdoor Sports, Roseburg, Oregon or Diamond Lake Resort, prior to close of business on June 21, 2019.  Employees of the Black Bird, Radio Medford, and Diamond Lake Resort or Waldrons Sports Store are not eligible for any $5000 Fishing Derby prizes.
  1. Prizes will be awarded as outlined below for the largest Rainbow Trout taken from Diamond Lake by legal fishing methods between the hours of 6:00 a.m and 3:00 p.m. on June 22, 2019. The largest Rainbow Trout is defined as the heaviest in weight.  In the event that two fish have the same weight, the biggest fish will be the longest in length, if still a tie, the person weighing their fish first.  Only Rainbow Trout will qualify for prizes; no other species of Trout will be eligible for prizes.
  1. Prizes will be awarded as follows: 30 WINNERS TOTAL, MAN, WOMAN OR TEEN (12 TO17)
    1ST PLACE- $1000.00
    2ND PLACE- $750.00
    3RD PLACE- $500.00
    4TH PLACE- $350.00
    5TH PLACE- $325.00
    6TH PLACE- $250.00
    7TH PLACE- $200.00
    8TH PLACE- $150.00
    9TH PLACE- $125.00
    10TH PLACE- $100.00
    11TH THRU 20TH- $75.00
    21ST THRU 30TH- $50.00.
    (The 5 largest fish caught by anglers 11 and under will be awarded fishing and/or sporting goods products from the Black Bird Shopping Center.)
  1. No frozen or partially frozen fish will be allowed into the contest. All fish must be in a fresh condition at weight-in and will be subject to inspection by the tournament committee and weigh masters.  All fish must be caught at Diamond Lake.  All fish are subject to inspection.
  1. Only one fish (Rainbow Trout) per registered angler may be weighed in and entered into the contest.
  1. The contest begins at 6:00 a.m. June 22, 2019. Weigh-in will begin at around noon at the lawn area at Diamond Lake Resort.  Anglers must check in at the Weigh-station by 3:00 p.m. to qualify for tournament prizes. Anglers failing to arrive and check in at the lawn area at Diamond Lake Resort, by 3:00 pm. on June 22, will not be allowed to weigh in their catch. (Please allow 45 minutes to get off the lake to get to weigh in area).
  1. Anglers must follow All State fishing regulations and Umpqua National Forest while participating in the $5,000 Fishing Derby.  There is a $5.00 day use pass at Diamond Lake Resort.
  1. Anglers entered in the contest may fish from shore, jetty or boats.
  1. Application for entry into the  $5,000 Fishing Derby constitutes permission by angler to be subject to the fullest extent of the law, to a polygraph examination at the discretion of the tournament committee at the conclusion of the event.
  1. Applications for entry into the $5,000 Fishing Derby constitutes an express waiver on the part of each angler of any claims arising out of injury or property damage of any nature or kind sustained while participating in the event or while traveling to and from the event. Each angler agrees by registering to participate in the $5,000 Fishing Derby, to hold harmless and indemnify the tournament organizers, sponsors, and their respective agents and employees for any and all sums and expenses of any kind resulting from any injuries or property damage of any nature or kind to the person or property of the angler. Any person accompanying any angler, spectators, or any other persons whether or not such persons are registered in the event. Each angler expressly agrees to assume full and sole responsibility for any injury or damage caused by the angler or by any person accompanying the angler, regardless of the cause of the injury or damage.
  1. Contest will be held regardless of weather conditions.
  1. Prizewinner grants Black Bird the exclusive rights to their names and likeness for publicity of the event and promotion for future events without additional compensation.
  1. Winners are solely responsible for payment of any tax liability associated with receipt of prizes from the $5,000 Fishing Derby.
  1. Decisions of the tournament committee and weigh masters are final and binding regarding enforcement of these rules and the declaration of prizewinner.
    “Operating under special use permit with the Umpqua National Forest”.
Black Bird Sports Team - Medford, OR